Common Skylight Accessories

Daylighting is an important way to save energy today. It also enhances the aesthetic value of the room, as natural light adds charm and cheer. Studies have shown that the use of natural lighting can play a significant role in increasing the productivity of those using the room. However, the intensity of this daylight needs to be controlled. Other studies have shown that the controlling of natural light through dimming further increases productivity by more than 14%. If you are planning to install skylights in any room, you ought to consider some of the skylight accessories below to enhance the effect of daylighting in your building.

Skylight shades are amongst the most popular skylight accessories available in the market. These shades come in various designs including those with pleats, roller shades, and cellular shades. If you are searching for shades to filter light, you would do well to choose roller or pleated shades. If you are looking for something that can block light at various levels consider using cellular shades. The pleated shades are the most common and come in various sizes. Pleated shades may be manual or motorized.

Skylight shades can also help you regulate the amount of heat coming into the room. Roller and cellular shades are the best option for this as they have high insulation. Roller shades are only available in one color, as they are made from aluminum coated fabric. Cellular shades, however, come in a wide variety of colors.

Skylight shades that are manually operated may include a built-in handle. If this handle is not available, you will have to purchase a skylight pole to assist you in operating your shades. This of course will depend on the height of the skylight. Skylight poles are usually made of aluminum. The poles are used to open and close vented skylights. An adapter is required to facilitate the use of the pole.

Those looking for convenience may be interested in skylight accessories such as keypad control systems. These systems make use of a motor, rain sensor, back up batteries, and a transformer. These systems allow you to operate up to four skylights at any given moment. Adjustments to the systems can be made to meet your unique requirements.

Remote control systems are hand held devices that make controlling skylights highly convenient. Remote controls can control various electronically operated systems at the same time. If you have more than one skylight, you can assign the skylights to a grouping system and control them as groups.

More research into skylight accessories is being carried out to encourage the installation of these energy saving systems in the home. These accessories increase the convenience and efficiency of the skylights.

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