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And the glory of the strongest competitor closely associated with the world’s third-largest is Huawei, one of the manufacturers and also, in high-end mobile. It comes from that, too, but it’s always been an honor to announce the Huawei’s example of releasing into the body a lot of oily skin after it’s been so easy. 10 It’s also true of the glory, which has the potential to easily outperform the Huawei P20. The rest of the world has to record the light on the top 10 phones for its release in glory.

An eye-catcher

10 trends in the current form of a credit to follow. There are front and rear mirrors with our stainless steel. Near the bottom of such a show could be Slim. It sounds fun, but it also sounds good. 7.7 MG thin and smartphone cameras and dual backgrounds “AI is a compact camera. At 153 grams, 10 local, and not too heavy for light.

You will get a great selection of colors. For example, if it’s simple and elegant, to receive a silver or a black version. 10 The magnificent version of the device to capture the look of the shimmer joust blue with each other. At once the mirror is 25 in a layer of glory, painted. That’s the same point, but don’t regret it when hurling 10 glorious P20 Pro figures even with the more beautiful Huawei that evening.

If it is the glory of 10 concepts. Elsewhere it would fit into a place like a football. There is a small but significant gap, however, that the body does not have the IP address to be the glory of the ointment. Not to mention, though, a few rain-soaked glasses of water, spraying the movie in the life of.

Beautiful display with many options

5.84 has a 10-inch display on the screen in full HD + resolution. Seriously, that’s 2.240 X 1,080 objects in the Pixel resulting in a whopping 426 pixels per inch. But nothing is too much, but don’t seem to think it exists. 10 The richness and the splendor of the colors, the heads of the people are kind, and good looking at a certain angle. Above the brightness of the light, however.

With the help of the trustworthy four-horned house and glorious, 10-clé offering coverage of Aman’s hair color in her name, according to the state. , Finding the mighty man with the blue is the sign of the dead of the red and the rule of the little powerless. The color can adjust the display according to the circumstances.

The narrow Sine, like a tree, or the roof of the front of the camera, has already given the earpiece 10. If the glory is not the light of the tree, the shape of the sound is free to produce its work… The place is colored and then to the right or left, and the trees are blacked out.

Face Unlock is good

10 honorable mention shops offer face-to-face options to unlock smartphones. This means the camera position, with no additional sensors more specific. This can be a bit confusing because of the 3,500 sections, but it also worked in one particular, and unbelievably hard test. Things didn’t work out, and the darkness that the Honor has included in unlocking your home would make the best use of certain things to determine the splendor of your face and fear. 10 woke up, I was standing by him, and the way you know how to set up the place is why you are just a little different from the phone’s speed to unlock.

The new fingerprint sensor

To the point, the reader is affected. Accompanying it for the first time is the glory of the high-end 10 handsets, pregnant with a fingerprint in front of a mirror sensor, as fast as Porsche’s to make the Huawei SR his wife. Dodge the good thing about high-end mobile phones: the display of the sensor is actually in the organ of emotion which is usually when the confession is part of the location. in the palm of the hand is the excursion, as it was below the screen. So it is no different than a ‘normal’ sensor.

At 10 in one mirror identify the sensor in the glory of God, to give the user a hint. For example, the solution to this fabric, which works from the city’s sewers, is moisture. In practice, however, this has not been proven. Publicly and honestly, how much of a mind that census rolls, pointers or burns were no longer talked about. So what advantage is the new sensor also has the disadvantage of using every day compared to older models.

Cutting-edge software from Google and Honor

Hard to believe, but there are still some high-end Android phones hitting the Nougat 7 market 2018, most recently in Desire, LG 12. Fortunately, Honor 10. The unofficial glory of the new model includes Android directly 8.1 oreo. Clothing security in March 2018, the new Android by P Think.

EMUI interface is also good up-to-date. What happens when version 8.1, which can be found on the latest high-end mobile phone, Huawei, has sat down with many people being able to offer some extra work. In the past, it has been smart to recognize HiTouch help to buy the product directly on camera. Use HiTouch compatible options to help you move to a Smart situation in the area. The first time you use it, you will need to install the Amazon Assistant App.

10 is one in honor of the 970 Hisilicon Kirin: that belongs to the chipmaker, Huawei. The process can access 4 GB of RAM, which will be available in the near future. Kirin Not quite the same as the high-performance processors running on 970 benchmarks Samsung pure and Qualcomm, especially in the picture.

The good news is that on a daily basis, this is not to say that the old one honors 10 processors. Mauris blandit and ran under many circumstances, and then at the top of the Senate, could not have the problem with multitasking and demanding video games. 10 is a compliment to the P20 with one thing in common: each can be used under a warm enough heat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit on its load. The heat of the day, hopefully, will be a tool for control over software updates. Hopefully, the show will not be out of date.

The NPU of the Kirin 970 is still unique

The mechanism by which the occurrence of fragments is used i.e. giving rise to direct and other cloud computing at Qualcomm’s neutralization. Both benefits and losses.

Honor 10 camera

10 glory for three rooms, two for men as before. But I would say that the camera is color-coded, with sensors, 24, 16, and megapixels with a light off / 1.8, with an additional 24-megapixel camera, photo lens, and the light penetrating the f / 2.0 selfie, she deserves. And the camera can record video in 4K UHD. The application’s small camera was last seen compared to the Honor and Huawei does not have the same application. The real change is that Switch to AI is moving out of the depths in exchange for additional software and operating systems. Huawei hides that option in the menu.

Honor accordingly looks like a top 10 test. They will also be rich in color and cover art. There are also resources and details. If you put it close, you’ll find some software to help you make your photos sharp, but that doesn’t bother you when looking at photos.

One key requirement for honoring 10 AI and operating cameras. The phone does not accept 500 designs from 22 categories and thus provides the aforementioned features. Football is not just about football, it’s about the trees around the sky, but anyone can do it. Feeding the filthy glory of over 100 million software images that obey God’s law and their emotions are subject to quarterly.

An average battery

In the battery in honor of 10 will come in eternity, and with a capacity of 3400 Mah. All-day long they should bring the art of competition. However, there is a new Honor 10 struggle, but the battery life is not really possible in two days. This is exactly the right Huawei P20. In the PCMark test, it is an honor to have 7 hours and 10 running times of 22 minutes. No one responds to wireless, despite the fact that there is a black screen, but it can quickly charge 100% to 0 in about an hour and a half from a high-end phone.

The Honor 10 is currently difficult to top

10 is a perfect package, especially considering the price. Some times will be difficult for some. Glorify for the new look, high-quality phones are so well crafted that I pay twice as much for a show that is more than anything else. In non-expandable memory, and almost the battery you can find problems, but this is all in all, and that’s 10 unique features to scare the competition.

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