Laptop Repair Guide – Repair Water Damaged Laptop in 10 Minutes or Less!

Do you have a water damaged laptop? You don’t have the time to send it to the laptop repair center? Don’t worry, you will only need 10 minutes to fix it (or less).

If you have a water damaged laptop, it’s not the end of your laptop life. You can fix it easily by following the laptop repair steps below.

What you’ll need:

A Hand Sanitizer

A toothbrush

An air compressor


1. Turn off your laptop

2. Remove the battery and remember, do not press the power button.

3. Remove all the bottom screws from your laptop using a screwdriver so you can have access into the motherboard and the internal hardware.

4. Gently, remove everything on the top side including the keyboard. Make sure you’ve removed all the bottom screws or you might damaging your laptop when trying to pull everything off.

5. Detach the keyboard and inspect for any water spots. (Looks like a white spots. Check the hardware if you can see any corrosion mark)

6. Remove all the screws connecting to the internal hardware to enable you to check everything for water and corrosion spots.

7. If you see the water spots or the corrosion spots visible, try to take off the affected hardware gently.

8. Now put the hand sanitizer on top of the toothbrush and use it to wipe the water spots. Don’t use too much hand sanitizer. Just put enough amount so it can evaporate quickly.

9. Use an air compressor for hard-to-reach places and try to wipe it using the toothbrush afterward.

10. Also check the hardware connector to ensure it don’t have any water spots.

11. Put the hardware and the connector back and remember to check for any loose connection after you’ve finished the cleaning.

12. Install the top part of the laptop and the keyboard.

13. Put everything back together including the bottom screws.

14. Install the battery and power it on….There you go! It’s actually less than 10 minutes.

This is just a brief instruction and hopefully it can help you as a laptop repair guide. But, you can actually learn more by watching it in video.

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