The best 5 new apps to check out this week

Looking for a new tool for downloading applications? Here are five of our city’s recently launched apps on the Google Play store, our partnership degree with a walking stick on the main page. Do yourself a favor, and watch 5 Apps in a week?

Steno – minimalistic note keeping and writing

Steno script will help you organize your mobile application. The app allows you to write down the advice of the world, not allow, entertain, or even hate you to change the voice of the customer. It also offers a darker background (in the Premium version), which not only serves to capture the notes but also reduces eye pain. Steno also lets you organize comments from #hashtags, censorship, nibh.

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile Print (Mass Online Multiplayer) has delighted many game users and PCs. And now Play has been waiting for users worldwide (originally available in Korea and Japan) and high-end pictures are looking for the perfect device. There are options that are a great idea to (choose their character and evolve) and develop gameplay.

Message Editor

Message Editor is an application that gives new life to text messages. This application, compared to preinstalled on most devices, offers many additional features such as highly destructive messaging, private Internet, emoji, posters, and the ability to convert text messages to voice messages and a series of early clinical topics of photography!

Master Thief

For those of you who have always dreamed of going to the Museum of Art and Human Rights: The Lion of Vinci the Mona Lisa and the Bennett Cry may be the last! This is a very simple game, just a guide, and a thief, escaping with a few taps for a helicopter. So there’s not much we dare to think of as a thief, both of you coming out at the end of the picture for the day, but now it’s not mentioned in the ad.


Are you willing to give yourself the trip, to get out of place? The goal of the game is to save the dark. Something about not fighting for free games is that the fun gets more from the first thing that is difficult to have fun. Beautiful pictures, games, Garth. In short, how good is the RPG? It is also the use of 5 character traits that make a person unique.

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