The best VR games of 2019

There is plenty to be excited about in the virtual reality of 2020, which is half the life to come: Alyx. But despite the work of one of the most anticipated in the future, it was created in 2019, to the best of virtual reality. It was my eyes that started the all-in-one keyboard, the search, mostly built for the love of VR. Developers have left the door of the news or designation of the regulator, each finger of the sufficient, but the inexperienced, guarantee of baptism and high-end, as a whole. Finally, it’s the web site linking those in the middle, and monitoring (sensorless VR) a few months ago.

In addition, some eye-catching technology has introduced new technologies that make it all the more compelling Games – S, and thus less so. Or the company released beta eye Link, allowing you to connect your PC and enjoy the goodwill of a library or ether, and Epic Games and Empty the market. The eye, too, has recently been introduced into the hands of enough, Q. So with the new technology, the future is exciting VR, not just for gaming.

However, there are also plenty of great games to be released this year, pushing new technologies and exciting tools. Whether it is Easy Search, Live Index or the path of quality VR game developers the day of loss. GameSpot customers are choosing the best five VR games of 2019 – from the inside out – to give developers a must-watch experience right in the immediate art world.

What else do you know, the best sports carpet is the coverage it collects every year at the end of 2019 the-Center.

The best VR games of 2019

Spider-Man 2 Overdrive may not be in the studio bringing us games such as sunshine and wonder, and some VR titles have evolved. However, the study released this year and the latest VR games, Stormland and it is – without a doubt – the best.

Stormland opens — the world of action games that matters, whether it’s running the gun-and-mortar train station to make a thank-you noise for everyone, as well as its informative and deceptive body – playing with friends and coordinating the deep desire for better use. However, virtual guns against baddies are not the only reason. Many have the best in VR shooting games, but the open-world virtual reality game Stormland adapts reality, which is impressive. Going out to address the reaction of the subject is the fact that it is always in doubt V. R., especially when it has serious consequences on the world. However, all-natural and Stormland are comfortable with it.

Stormland industrialized the islands of the islands and the surrounding waters as landmass, but the sea of ​​clouds is called Jetstream. If it is a star in the sky, however, the Palmer-worm’s arm, flying through the clouds in front of you will make various island props. He And unfolding Superman, the thrilling guide pointed to him with his arms and power – to demand that only one kind of thing be read in the least number of things as something business is needed. Or the fact that some people are the ones who have to act fast to be different, but Stormland is very comfortable for patients who are in power.

In John Wick, forgiving is one of the most exciting tasks, it’s hard to make a video game that makes you feel like you’re the same Baba Yaga-fu gun. Yes, that is exactly what the effect of Cloudhead Games pole whip is. According to the Rock Band, who always keeps an eye on you when it comes to performing songs, but you guys should play notes and beats – very close to that if the hero gets the title game to practice the whip pole. John has been in the middle of Néo Wick, without any enemy attacks, moving through the area.

That’s what’s more important about the whip pole, making you feel cooler. It can be seen as the first number for the game and not picky shooting and shooting. Just like a real old school, into an unknown raucous organization put on a bulletproof shooter. To beat the enemy to know that they went through the series of arrows is not always a priority. Fortunately, it was the end of the pole, coming hard on the red road that led to the whip for the pay rise and the enemy into the car. So the intellect is not an intrusive solution. What’s more, it looks like Cloudhead Games has finally given players something to do with VR, peripheral vision.

Many VR games, which are not at the core of the VR trend, are not enough to hit the mark. While it won’t be able to connect with the fiddling stuff around the unskilfully Skyrim or Fallout boys Pip-4, these games are usually easy to find when virtual yet untouched. The opposite is true when one is in heaven because Hello Games is designed to use it sometimes feels like a fun-filled gaming experience that should be in VR. The sky is not a job that has changed my life because of the good content updates, though amazing VR is just how good things are.

This shows what Rider Games is most concerned about when it comes to conversion for the Sci-Fi romp. It’s VR experience and easy to carry, so if you have a player to complete the new or the sweet. It felt so great to him: just because of the wealth of the earth’s minerals to beg for them all the time and to tear it apart, it was an easy gift. The Analog-stick and the well-reserved Genoa, are unfortunately a form of VR player.

But there is no such thing as Sky, which is even more impressive when the boat doesn’t really sit in the cockpit as a solid, hardly any more than a giant creature. Flying places, rocketing a new planet, or actually having a dogfight are all boaters who believe in incredible VR, and use eye-tracking controls and sticks for big throttle unexpected replacements. essentially, the physical flight of a repair rod.

VR is the best use of comedic art, but they will record what they do. Modern VR works well, is one of the best examples to give players a ton of interactive experience and experience. This year, developer Owlchemy Labs released its followup, Online Property, which highlights the real jokes and their successes, making it the ultimate VR experience.

While some of the activities can feel like you’re working on a vacation you can wait, but it’s often fun to do the same with simple tasks. His country, the feast of the – Ivory Coast, the mountains – is food for most minigames around the region in what they offer different ways to make the spies talent, to show respect for the vulnerable. time: adds a lot of experience. Also, vacationing with Owlchemy Labs’ brand of madness, guaranteeing a great opportunity for great VR.

Star Wars was all-in that day, that is, the location, including through virtual reality. A series of Star Wars: Väder immortalized one of the top Marquee titles to seek before launching this year, so when it comes to using VR, it’s certainly not worth it. However, once at least in the retaliation zone, Darth Väder goes up to the crazy Mustafar – like one of the planet’s Warriors – money is your place since the bonds. Darth Väder in you believe it’s important, but you can manage to control the cells and put your hands on the road – don’t be afraid you’ll cross the coin more than once.

In such a work, and finally, the coin has to be honest, it turns and yes and on a new and interesting lightsaber to have it. There will be rules or rules for Disneyland, gaming and what’s good for Disneyland, its journey soon in your mind.

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