The new google maps features you should know

Google Maps enhancements maintain one of the most popular iOS and Android desktop Apps users of both panels by adding new features ineffective help and united commutes. Now, according to the new features and captures, three new features have been added to Google Maps giant software.

Follow Local Guides

Finding a good restaurant or visiting an event in a new city can be very difficult. Yes, Google has introduced a new feature that lets users follow the exact same leadership position as people who know the proposal. Local guides are highlighted in the “all” Google Maps section below.

Currently, and features only nine cities Bangkok, Delhi, London, Mexico City, New York, Osaka, San Francisco, St. Paul cities brasiliensis and Tokyo. But features in Google’s city extension are expected soon.

Place Name Pronunciation

It’s easy to understand, Google will be able to get to where it’s been.

This feature is useful enough to be able to locate in the mission area where it is necessary to explain dove dung vehicles. See below for the GIF feature of each feature.

Edit Google Maps Profile

Google has made it possible to convert Google Maps to the latest Google Maps in the application profile. To do so now in the top-left of the application tap for a hamburger menu and select “The Profile”.

On the “Profile” page navigate to the English Profile. Here, you can make the necessary changes as you see in the picture above. It is limited to Android in now features are not available for iOS and Android.

So here’s a shortlist of new features, like Google Maps to see. If you’re interested in learning tips and tricks for something as cool as Google Maps, check out the article by clicking on the same link. Along the way, how do you stream new features? Tell us in the comments.

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